Wednesday, November 26, 2008

shananagins for thanksgiving or shananagiving

a push for the perfect thanksgiving led to a few silly times, al-in-all, good times :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Paddo's Super Election Birthday

Padraig celebrated his 7th year with an election birthday. Kids dressed in red white and blue, and even voterd for their candidates. Was it going to be Bark Obama, John McCanine, or Ruff Nader? They were right on track with the rest of the counrty, Obama Wins! But Morgan's daddy also got one vote, try again in 4 years Dan!

Mini chocolate wedding

no- the Hershey bar did not run away with a Kit Kat. Just a little treat to celebrate a special day.

Which cake would you eat?

Well looks like the people voted, and Obama's cake wins!!


Barbie got all dressed up for Stella's birthday party- in frosting!!!!

In the Spirit in the Bakery

We had a little fun at the bread basket this halloween.....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Creepy Couple

Who could resist having these two at your Halloween goblin gathering? I made them for the store this week to sell. They are each a quarter sheet of yellow cake, with vanilla frosting.

Runnin' for Pumpkin

It was time for Saratoga Bridges Annual Great Pumpkin Challenge, and we baked up some yummy pumpkin cake for them! 2 half sheet pumpkin spice cakes frosted in cream cheese buttercream. Something to look forward to after the race!

Blocks of Baby

Looks like baby Roman was already playing with some toys? Nope, fooled ya! This baby shower/welcoming cake was yellow cake filled with vanilla buttercream and decorated with fondant to serve 30.

Fall Fest Weekend

Despite the rainy skies on Saturday, we kept things colorful at the Bread Basket. Matt had the candy flowing with our cupcake decorating activity. Even our friends from the Hundred Acre Wood stopped by to snag some sweet treats!

Monday, October 20, 2008

BB touches Saratoga with it's cupcakes!

We supported Community Hospice last week with a donation of 300 cupcakes for their Touched by an Angel event. Monique and Delia represented the Bread Basket at this event, handing out our cupcakes and chicken salad samples. I wanted to do fall flavored cupcakes so i whipped up some Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and candied ginger garnish, chocolate cupcakes with mocha frosting, and yellow cupcakes with maple frosting and toasted walnut garnish. Turns out the mocha cupcakes were a crowd favorite, so watch out for them to pop up on our menu soon! Pumpkin and maple are currently available, while supplies last!

Navy ball and polka dot birthday

I had a cake this week that gave me a chance to be a bit more artistic. Time to bust out the paint brushes!! Rachel came to see me to help design a birthday cake for the US Navy for the annual Navy Ball. We decided that the navy emblem and a painting of the USS Constitution would be the perfect design for a crowd of 200. The cake was a double layer Yellow cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and strawberry mousse filling. I made the Navy emblem and ship out of Gumpaste plaques that i hand painted and they were completly edible!

Rachel sent me a thankful email and sent along some pics to share. I LOVE it when i get to see the reciepent with the cake. Thanks rachel, i enjoyed this one!!!

Faith turns two!

What a great design idea- match the cake to the papergoods. I love it when a customer brings in an invitation or napkin/plate to match the cake to. Faith had a stacked cake with each tier being both chocolate and yellow cake with vanilla buttercream. There is something about a buttery yellow cake- it looks so yummy :) Hope you had a nice bithday Faith!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

bonus points for the baby shower

I recieved an email from a customer the other day pleased with her cake she ordered for a baby shower. It went like this........
"I just wanted to let you know that my sister and I ordered a cake fromThe Breadbasket over the weekend. It was so tremendously terrific thatI needed to email you and tell you how many wonderful comments wereceived. Everyone wanted to know where it came from and where yourbakery was located.Just a thank you and a great job from us!" -Libby Coreno

THANK YOU LIBBY!!!!!!! I love hearing from our customers

Monday, October 6, 2008

a sweet b-day

Hannah turned 4 last week, and she wanted a bubble party! When I asked her what kind of cake she wanted for her party, she replied, "chocolate and strawberry". So that is what she got! A chocolate cake with strawberry preserve filling, vanilla buttercream and "bubble" decorations. Hats off to Adam (or should i say Bill Nye) for creating an awesome bubble game that made a large bubble around each kid!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

some cakes worth mentioning

highlights of the summer 2008 season

Adios Andy

In memory of Andy and his skills as a rugelah roller

Maria College 50th Anniversary

Thanks Vera for sending this my way! I did a custom design for the gala dinner celebrating Maria College's 50th Anniversary. Hand painted gold letters on a butter colored fondant cake to match the invites. The cake served 100, with extra cake to serve the other 200 plates!

ABE 2008

Matt, Angie and I hightailed it to Atlantic City last week for the American Bakery Expo. It was great, i had the chance to take a hands on class with the one and only Bronwen Weber. We created frankenstein heads and i got to sing a line or two from iron man by black sabbath with her cute fiancee, Frankie, Man-she's a lucky lady! I also got a shot with Colette Peters, i wish she was teaching a class. Overall it was an awesome time, i learned a few tricks of the trade and how to play the slot machines. A winner and a looser- ah well there is always next year, heard it might be in Vegas!

ok, ok, i'm up

well now it's my turn to blog. please stay tuned for updates on cakes that deserve a story!