Friday, September 11, 2009

Yes, John Deere does come in yellow

Her soon to be husband has this dream of owning a John Deere 440 industrial tractor. So what is better than the real thing? CAKE!

A Gift 4 U

Just a few package cakes, cute idea for just about any occasion. 

Bon Voyage Hubby

Cute idea- give your finance a cake to celebrate his departure from upstate ny to Alaska to be a pilot. She provided me with pics of the exact plane he will be flying. I wonder if they will get married in Alaska or here?

Hello.... Is it me you're looking for?

i think this was my favorite cake this summer. The customer called to place a cake order, then when i said "And how would you like it decorated?" She laughed and said, "Any chance you could put Lionel Ritchie on it?" OMG YES!!!  Musical cake themes, with bands, singers, etc. can create quite a buz around the bakery. In the past when I made the Bon Jovi cake, we rocked out, loud to some hair rock, including BJ. You see... it helps the mood. I asked her if it was alright if i played with the greeting to include a song lyric or something, not just plain happy birthday. She was open to the idea, so i jumped on the computer to listen to some lionel, to get my cake groove on.
say you... say me.... say it together......

just a cake update

WANTED: Dead or Alive

Yep- It's Jon Bon himself, singing away atop a birthday cake. I even used "Bon Jovi" font to make the song titles.
Because what else do you give a Jovi fan for their birthday?