Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bacian Feast Wedding

I delivered this wedding today to Erlowest in Lake George. I was given some basic design information from the bride and groom during our consultation. But she left most of the design up to me. I was to create a "Baccian Feast" themed wedding cake, with green and red being the predominant colors. I was surprised to see when i entered the room, that the cake matched the room and decor perfectly, it looked as if i made the cake in that room! All sugar work was made by me, including every little grape, and leaf. David from Renaissance floral design was there capturing my every move setting up the cake- i can't wait to see his shots. This was the last delivery of a hectic weekend, I really wanted to sit down at the amazingly decorated tables and have a drink, but instead i have to get back to the bakery and get ready for 6 more weddings next weekend!

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